Faculty Members of the Department: 

Bulbul Das (MCA)
Assistant Professor
Learning Resources of the Department: 
a. Computer Laboratory: A well-equiped Computer Laboratory is established for the student of the Computer Applications Dept. The ratio of student and computer is 1:1. The Laboratory is connected to Internet through Wi-Fi. 
b. Hardware Resources: There is plenty of Hardware resources for the use of students. Students can get the Physical view of the computer hardware. 
c. AC classroom: The computer Laboratory is fully Air-conditioned. Students also get their theory classes in the laboratory. 

Excursion / Field Work for Students: 
We, the Computer Applications Dept. also conducts field visits for the student. Every year, the 4th semester students have to visit some environmentally rich place and then submit a project report on their visited place. The other semester students also participated in the field visit. Besides, all the students of the Computer Application dept. goes for a trip at the end of the semester examination every year. 

Seminar / Popular Talk / Training among students: 
a. Training: Some Training program for the student to introduce advanced software. b. Seminar: Seminars are conducted for all the semesters students. 

Average Workload of Teacher: 
At least 25 hours per week a teacher.
Average Time Spent By Teacher with Students / Day: 
Five hours per day, a teacher spent time with students. 

Student and Teacher Ratio:

Students Enrolments:
Alumni of Computer Application Dept