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For performance, evaluation, assessment and accreditation and quality upgradation, Morigaon College has formed an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) on 2nd June, 2005. The basic objective of the IQAC are:
1. To ensure continuous improvement in the entire operations of the institution.
2. To ensure stakeholders connection with the institution
3. To develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the performance of the institution.

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Chairman     : Lila kanta Barthakur, Ph.D, Principal, Morigaon College
Coordinator  : Nilofar Jasmin, Ph.D, Assistant Professor,Morigaon College
Member from Administration : Ganesh Ch. Medhi, Vice Principal, Morigaon College

Teacher Member(s) :

               Sri Pallav Ch. Goswami   , Associate Professor,: 
               Hemanta Kr. Nath,   Ph.D , Associate Professor
               Diganta Kr. Nath,    Ph.D,    Associate Professor
               Budhen Kumar Saikia , Ph.D, Assistant Professor
               Himanshu Sarma, Ph.D,  Assistant Professor                                        
               Sanjib Hussain Thakuria, Ph.D, Assistant Professor       
               Saradsree Choudhury,  Ph.D,  Assistant Professor

External Expert :

            Kaushal Goswami, Principal, Diet

Members from the society/Alumni :

            Munin Mahanta , Ex MLA, Morigaon Constituency, 
            Ashok Deka , Member from the Society.

Student Member:

             Vice President of the Union Body of the College.

Steering Committee :

                 Coordinator      : Diganta Kr. Nath ,Ph.D ,
                  Members        :
                                           Nilofar Jasmin, Ph.D, 
                                           Budhen Kumar Saikia ,Ph.D
                                           Sanjib Hussain Thakuria , Ph.D      
                                           Saradsree Choudhury,Ph.D

Technical Cell :

                   Sri Bulbul Das , Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Morigaon College.
                   Dr. Murshid Iman , Assistant Professor , Department of Chemistry, Morigaon College
                   Sri Partha Pratim Bordoloi , Computer Assistant.


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