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i) Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) :

For performance, evaluation, assessment and accreditation and quality upgradation, Morigaon College has an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), formed on 2nd June, 2005. The basic objectives of the IQAC are: (a) to ensure continuous improvement in the entire operations of the institution, (b) to ensure stakeholders' connection with the institution and (c) to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the performance of the institution. The current body of the IQAC comprises of the following stakeholders : 

    Chairperson-   Dr. Lila Kanta Barthakur, Principal, Morigaon College
                  Coordinator-     Dr. Nilofar Jasmin, Dept. of Anthropology, Morigaon College
Senior Administrative Officer-     Vice -Principal, Morigaon College
External Expert- Principal, DIET, Morigaon 
Member( s) from Local Society-   Sri Ashok Deka, Social Worker, Morigaon
Alumni Member-   Sri Munin Ch. Mahanta, Former MLA, Morigaon Constituency
Teacher Members-   Sri Pallab Ch. Goswami, Dept. of Physics
Dr. Diganta Kumar Nath, Dept. of English
Dr. Budhen Kumar Saikia, Dept. of Economics
Dr. Himangsu Sarmah, Dept. of History
Dr. Sanjib Hussain Thakuria, Dept. of Philosophy
Dr. Hemanta Kumar Nath, Dept. of Geography
Dr. Saradashree Choudhury, Dept. of English 
Student Members-  President, Morigaon College Students' Union.

The following Committees/Cells have been formed by the IQAC, Morigaon College and are vested with respective responsibilities for the all round development of the institution 

A facilitating and monitoring body to advice on the rates and function of the IQAC, was formed on 1Oth of April, 2007 with the following Composition :


Senior Administrative Officers Members from the management : Members Coordinator

Dr. Lila Kanta Barthakur, Principal, Morigaon College. Principal, DIET, Morigaon and Inspector of Schools,Morigaon. Sri P. N. Mazumdar, Retd. Principal
Dr. Kamal Ch. Bhuyan, Zoology Dept.

The following Committees/Cells have been formed by the IQAC, Morigaon College and vested
with respective responsibilities for all round development of the institution  

Convener-Principal, Morigaon College
Members-All Head of the Departments
Functions-• Looks after all the academic matters and UGC related activities.
• Prepare annual academic calendar and prospectus of the college.
• Prepare schedules for examinations.
• Held student union body election, college week and all different types of activities. 

Convener : Dr. Saradashree Choudhury, Department of English

Functions :

• To encourage the teachers and students to develop research culture and to keep all records of research projects.
• To arrange and conduct seminar/workshop/symposia etc.

• To study the best practices (Teaching and learning) of other colleges.

• To find new idea of the best practices what will be beneficial for college stakeholder.

• To survey local community needs.

• To publish research works.

• To develop research infrastructures in the college campus 

Convener : Dr. Sanjib Hussain Thakuria, Department of Philosphy
Functions :
• To take up village development schemes such as adult education, look after cleanness local area, school adaptation programme, community service and programmes related to integration.
• To bring awareness on environment, disaster etc. among the common people.

• To exercise relief work during the time of natural calamities.

• To Provide self financing consultancy programme (earn and learn scheme) to the Stakeholders.

• To take up Cultural activities. 

Convener : Mrs. Kabita Sarma, Department of Physics

• To arrange First-Aid basic training

• To conduct awareness programmers to promote health and hygiene of the student as well as teachers and other staff of the College.
• To organize Blood Donation Camp.

• To conduct awareness programmers on AIDS, CANCER in collaboration with local NGOs, College extension activity cell or any other Govt. organizations.
• To observe World Health Day, World Red Cross Day, World AIDS Day, World Anti-Tobacco Day. etc. 

Convener : Sri Ganesh Ch. Medhi, Vice principal

Functions :

• To check the tendencies and grievances related to smoking, drug, alcohol etc. of the students.

• To introduce smooth and confidential procedure of receiving any grievances from the students, guardians and employees of the institution.
• To look after undue/unauthorized Juvenile activities and to conduct awareness programmes related to Juvenile Justice.
• To conduct awareness programmes on Legal Right of men and women. 

Convener : Sri Chandan Sarma, Department of Economics
• To fix standered rate of items from stakeholders.
• To ensure hygienic quality of Canteen/Hostel items.
• To look after the accommodation and infrastructure facilities of hostels.
• To call tender periodically for smooth functioning of the Canteen.
• To look after the behavioral conduct of student inside the canteen and Hostel.
• To take up necessary steps for improving common room, dining hall, indoor games, gardens hostel library, publication culture etc in hostel premises.
• To take up necessary steps for arranging proper security service, drinking water, sanitation facilities, waiting shed for guardians etc.
• To prepare rules and regulations for hostel borders.
• To constitute student Sub-committees to conduct internal hostel affairs. 

Convener : Mrs. Ami Devi, Department of Botany
Sri Bulbul Das, Department of Computer Application


• To develop and maintain computer networking system of the college
• To regularly update the College website.
• To Arrange self-finance course (earn end learn scheme) and provide training to all employees of the college.
• To take up necessary steps towards introduction of various computer related courses.

Convener : Sri Parag jyoti Mahanta, Department of Economics

Functions :
• To develop friendly and cultural relationship among teacher- student- guardian.
• To maintain and develop infrastructure facilities of the college.
• To involve parents/guardians to conduct various.program such as seminar, workshop etc.
• To enhance the quality of student, Award Giving Ceremony is observed by the association for outstanding performance/activities in academic as well as extra-curricular activities in memory of local and national figures.
• To register this association under Society registration Act.
• To discuss crucial matters regarding plan and activities of the college. 

Convener : Sri Achyut Kumar Das, Dept. of Political Science

Functions :
• • To encourage student participation in state/national level sport events.
• To promote sports for women.
• To provide optimum indoor and outdoor sports facilities.
• To arrange coaching for different games for stakeholders.
• To promote yoga/gymnastics. 

Convener : Dr. Hemalata Sarma, Department of Political Science

• To introduce mentoring system in the college.
• To identify weak students.
• To organize tutorial classes for the weaker students.
• To arrange facilities for differently abled students.
• To provide financial support to the economically weaker students. 

Convener : Dr. Abdul Quium Osmani, Department of Zoology
Functions :
• To conduct survey among students on their career options.
• To arrange programmes to create awareness about the importance of higher education.
• To arrange coaching classes on CAT, MAT, APSC, UPSC etc.
• To conduct orientation programmes for new-comers.
• To organize programmes for personality development, soft skills and communication skills.
• To provide job information.
• To maintain records of past students regarding their career. 

Convener : Sri Pradip Kr. Saikia, Department of Assamese

 Library Committee
Convener : Nilamoni Phukan, Department of Philosophy

Functions :
• To get as a channel of communication between the library and college authority.
• To maintain the expenditure.
• To make recommendations of library equipments, books and journals.
• To pro ide/introduce book-borrow system.
• To provide e-journals.
• To work for the strategic development of the library.
• To introduce feedback system of the readers (specially teachers).
• To observe college library day.
• To established the library as information center. 

Convener :Dr. Nilofar Jasmin, Department of Anthropology

Functions :
• To prepare complaint redressal procedure.
• To conduct programmes relating to women welfare and promotion of gender amity.
• To keep record of every gender discrimination/physical or verbal sexual harassment case.
• To provide consultation to everyone who want to discuss issues related to gender discrimination.
• To provide support service (legal and health) to the victimized with the help of the college authority.
• To organize student counseling program to prevent sexual harassment.

Convener: Sri Alakesh Roy, Librarian, Morigaon College
• To act as a channel of communication between the library and college authority.
• To maintain the expenditure.
• To make recommendations of library equipments, books and journals.
• To provide/introduce book-borrow system .
• To provide e-joumals.
• To work for the strategic development of the library.
• To introduce feedback system of the readers (specially teachers).
• To observe college library day.
• To establish the library as information center. 

Convenor : Dr. Hahiram Lahkar, Dept. of Geography
• To arrange for the publication of events, activities etc. of the college in print media (News papers etc.) amd electronic media.
• To develop a cordial relationship among teachers, students and guardians.
• To involve parents/guardians in different activities of the college.

• To maintain record of the alumni of the institution and to assure active involvement of the alumni in various matters related to the college. 

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