There is always a lot to share with the students, guardians and stakeholders about the college and its developments in various fields. Morigaon College has indeed made a long march since its early days to reach the present stage and has a long path to tread in the future. As a part of this glorious institution, I am extremely pleased to showcase the progress and expansion of academic and infrastructural activities in the college through this prospectus. I sincerely believe that Morigaon College has an enormous role to play in bearing the torch of knowledge among the rural masses and shedding away all traces of darkness from the young minds. In an attempt to make the admission procedure time-saving and hassle free, the college has introduce online admission system this year. With highly efficient group of teachers, there is a lot to learn and explore at Morigaon College. I welcome all the knowledge aspirants to come forward and discover their capacities and potential in this temple of learning.

Dr. Lila Kanta Barthakur M.Sc., Phd