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1) College Uniform

H.S. & Degree Students: Boys must be dressed in white shirt and black formal pant. Close fitting & low waist/ mid-rise/ low-rise pants will not be considered. The dress code for girls is blue sa/war, white kameez and blue dupatta. Short fitting dress & leggings/pants will not be considered. Shirt, Pant and Salwar-kameez must be of appropriate length- neither too long nor too short. Only maroon coloured blazer or cardigan during winter for both boys and girls is recommended. Jacket, jeans and T-shirts are not a part of the dress code. A college logo (which shall be supplied by college authority during admission period) has to be affixed by each student on shirt pocket position (for boys) and kameez on right arm position (for girls). All students must maintain the dress code of the college. No student shall be allowed to attend classes, festivals or any functions without proper uniform. Students must carry their Identity cards to the college.

P.G. Students: There is a seperate dress code for the P.G Students. While, boys must wear
light blue shirt and black pant, girls should be dressed in white sa/war, white kameez and blue
& white printed dupatta. Affixing the college logo (As specified above) and carrying the identity card is mandatory. During winter, only light blue colour blazer/cardigan is recommended for boys and girls.

ii) Rules concerning student conduct:

Each student is required to attend allotted lectures, tutorials, and practical classes. Use of mobile phone by students is strictly prohibited in the college campus. Exhibition or introduction of any political party-emblem in the college premises is forbidden. Disciplinary action will be taken against a student resorting to such acts. Disciplinary action will also be taken against any student resorting to acts calculated to cause public nuisance, disturbance of public peace, law and order. Any of the following acts by students shall be considered as a major breach of discipline: (a) Habitual unpunctuality, (b) Any form of immoral behaviour, (c) Use of intoxicants, drugs etc. in the college premises or in any of the attached hostels. (d) Resorting to violence of any kind.

iii) Anti-Ragging:

Ragging is strictly prohibited in the College premises as per UGC rule. Morigaon College has an Anti-ragging Committee and Anti-ragging Squad.

iv) Library Rules:

The library is kept open from 9.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. throughout the year on all working days, except on public holidays. Membership of the library is open to the students, teachers and non-teaching staff of the college. Newly admitted will have to fill up a library membership form and have to submit it along with two copies of recent passport size coloured photograph. Students can issue/ return books themselves in the 'Self Service Kiosk' automatically with the RFID library card.

2) Rules and Regulations of the University

i) General Rules and Regulations of Gauhati University: A student shall not be allowed to appear in the higher Secondary/Degree semester end examination as a regular candidate if she/ he has not attended a minimum of75% of the total lectures delivered in each subject. A student with attendance between 75% and 65% will be declared as Non-collegiate. The non-collegiate students will be allowed to appear in the examination if he/she takes casual admission. Students attending less than 65% of the total lectures delivered against any subject shall be considered as dis-collegiate. Dis-collegiate students must not be allowed to appear in examination at any cost. The dis-collegiate students will be allowed to appear in examination next year if one takes fresh admission. The calculation of attendance takes place after all the classes are closed. Failed/backed/ dropped students in any examination will be allowed to appear in the same examination after getting casual admission. Sessional examinations are conducted in the months of October (During Odd Semester) and in April (During Even Semester). For continuous evaluation of the performance of the students, the college conducts unit tests and terminal examinations. Two unit tests are conducted for HS 1st and 2nd year students. One Terminal examination carrying 100 marks in each paper is conducted before Puja vacation for higher secondary students. A Pre-final Examination is held in the month of November for higher secondary course.

3) Regulations and Syllabus of Gauhati University for TDC Semester System Regulations

1.There will be six semesters covering 3 (three) years.
2.More weightage is given to internal assessment.

Internal assessment /evaluation = 20% External (semester end) evaluation = 80%
3.There shall be at least one Sessional examination in each semester.
4.There is provision for clearance of absent or failed papers.
5.There is provision for 'repeat' of any one of theory papers in P\ 2nd, 3rd,4th"

semesters. A student may be allowed to appear for 'Betterment' of marks in one paper in 5th semester, provided that the student secures less than 45% of marks in the paper.


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