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Celebration of Womens Day 2019

A day long programme was organized on the occasion of International women's day on 8th March 2019 by the women cell of Morigaon College (Morigaon Mahavidyalay Mohila Mancha) in collaboration with the International Human Rights and Anticrime Organization, Assam.

   The programme started at 9.45 AM with the inauguration of the women cell's wall magazine Shankha Dwani by the principal of Morigaon College Dr. L. K. Barthakur. The introductory speech was given by Ms. Mrinmoyee Baishya, assistant professor of Economics department of Morigaon College. Also the vice principal of Morigaon College, Sri Narayan saikia gave a speech on the topic Changing role of women in modern times. The programme was attended by all the members of the women cell, teachers and students. The vote of thanks was given by Dr. Hema Sarma (asst. prof. department of political science).

   After this at 12 PM a meeting was organized at Bhairaguri L.P. School at Bhairaguri village, which is an adopted village of Morigaon College. The meeting was presided over by Dr. Hema sarma. The lighting of the lamp ceremony was done by Dr. Arunima Sarma,associate professor of chemistry department of the college. The welcome speech was given by Dr. Saradashree Choudhury , Asst. Prof. of department of English of the college. Also the president and the headmistress of the school were felicitated . The meeting was attended by 150 villagers including women, men and children. Dr. Dipali das Talukdar, assistant professor of Anthropology department gave a speech on the role of mothers in the development of a child. Also Dr. Hema Sarma gave a speech on the topic uplifment and need of unity among women. The vote of thanks was given by Ms. Mrinmoyee Baishya.

  At 1 PM a joint meeting was organized in association with the international Human Rights and Anticrime Organization, Assam at the same venue. The programme included a free Eye checkup camp initiated by Pragjyotish Eye care centre, Guwahati. About 300 people were benefited by this initiative Ms. Monalisa Gogoi, secretary , International Human Rights and Anti Crime organization (Assam) and state president Mr. Shashanka Bharat state president of the organization elaborated the help and aid provided by their organization to the society. They also discussed the ways in which people can approach them and get benefit and help from this organization. After this refreshments were served by the women cell of Morigaon College and the day long  programme came to an end. 

Departmental Fieldwork Report Economics

Departmental Fieldwork Report

Date: 02/03/2019                         Place:Kohora, kaziranga

It had been a week since the NAAC peer team visited our college, the students of 2nd semester and 6th semester of dept. of economics approached in to plan a tour to the famous Kaziranga National Park. They took this is an opportunity to explore the socio-economic status of the inhabitants of the fringes Village of kohora area of Kaziranga National Park.

     On 2nd March, 2019 all the students arrived on the said Time at Morigaon College(at around 6.00 AM) . Everyone was seemed to be very excited for the journey to start. At about 7.30 AM, the bus hired for the journey departed from college gate and the journey started. Some students were capturing the moments on their mobile cameras while some were busy in listening music and performing dancing.

      After a journey of about 3 hours, our bus reached Kohora. The weather was cool and sunny. The students relaxed for a while at a hotel cum restaurant.The Rhino Cafe.

      At first, the student of 6th semester visited the market area of Kohora Chariali, where most of the traders  Were from surrounding villages. The students interacted with the small traders, vendors, tea stall owners etc by using a simple questionnaire. After conducting the survey they returned to Rhino Café for taking lunch.

       The next programme  was to visit Kohora range of Kaziranga National park by taking Jeep Safari. The Jeep Safari took 21/2  hours. During the Safari the students were able to see the majestic beauty of the famous one horned Rhino of Kaziranga, group of Buffalos, Elephant, different kinds of Deers and migratory birds etc.

      The next place to visit was the orchid park of kaziranga, which has been maintained by some local villagers as well as self help groups (SHGS) of Kaziranga. Inside the Orchid Park, we enjoyed a colorful evening fl by a cultural programme. And, at about 7.30 PM, the team was back to Morigaon.

       This tour was, according to every student, really very educative and a memorable one.  

National Science Day physics

"National Science Day" was observed by Physics Department on 28-02-2019. A meeting was held at 12-30 p.m., in the department. Mr. Ujjal Kumar Medhi, a student of 4th semester delivered a speech on significant of National Science Day. The new issue of the departmental wall-magazine Spectrum and Department  photo gallery was inaugurated by P. C. Goswami, associate Professor of physics department. In his inaugural speech he focused on the life of C. V. Raman, the great Indian scientist of India. All the major students and staff member of the dept. were present on that event. The Theme of this year's "National Sc. Day" is Science for people & people for Science. The theme was tried to be reflected in the articles published in the wall magazine.

Report on In campus Placement

Report on In campus Placement

Organized by Career Counseling Cell and student support and progression Cell of Morigaon College in Collaboration With Jio Company.
A programme on in campus placement for the students of 6th semester of Morigaon College was held on 28/02/2019 The programme was initiated by career counseling cell and student support and progression cell in collaboration with Jio Company, Guwahati office.
Dr. A. Q. Osmani, Convener Career Counseling Cell, Dr. H. Sarma Convener, Student support and progression cell and Mr. A. Kaushik, Asst. Convener  Student Saport & Progression cell were present at the programme Dr. H. Sharma, introduced both Mr. Arka jyoti Das, Deputy Manager, Jio Company and Md. Sajibur Rahman, Asst. Manager, Jio Ltd. to the students. Mr. Arka jyoti Das delivered a speech about the placement facilities and the rules of the online examination.
The participation students enthusiastically appeared in the online test/examination. It can be hoped the students will be benefited by the programme as the successful candidates will be appointed by the company.

Celebration of national science day at 28 fab 2019

The national science day celebration was observed at department of Zoology Morigaon College at 28th February 2019. The theme of national science day for this year is science for the people and people for the science.

The program was presided over by Dr. Bodheswar Kalita, founder HOD, department of Zoology.He has talked about the impact of science on our livelihood. He also encourage our students to think scientifically and covey their thinking to their home and society. This kind of gesture can bring the change to our society. He also gave a lecture on witch hunting and how to prevent it.

The invited guest of this program was Dr. Nilofer Jeshmin of Department of Anthropology , Morigaon College. She had delivered a brief lecture on human evolution from ancient to modern and their relation with science and scientific thinking. She also gave a brief account on the topic of witchdoctor, oza and their misguidance towards the rural societies.

Dr. Dhananjay Kusre, HOD, Department of Zoology, has delivered the vote of thanks and also give a small lecture on scientific thinking and implementation of science in a proper way. In this occasion about 80 students are present. Delegates of Assam Science Society were also present on that occasion.