1. Organizing programs for economic empowerment of women in adopted villages.
2. To implement the Constitutional Provision of women reservation in the Students’ Union
3. Regular participation of girls students in the programs organized by District
4. To organize driving training program for women teachers.
5. To start a traditional dress weaving centre.
6. To encourage gymnasium facilities for women.
7. Cooking with recipes
8. Gardening, flower decoration/ bridal decoration.


1. To organize awareness programs for women health and hygiene.
2. To promote and organize Self-defense programs for Girls students.
3. Cutting and netting training program for women from the disadvantage sections of the
adopted villages.
4. Celebrating World Women Day with popular talk for women issues like identity, health
and hygiene and political representation.
5. Installation of wash rooms for transgender.
6. Installation of more CCTV Camera in the campus for women safety and security.


In order to promote and ensure an environment of free and unbiased treatment towards man and woman in society, the college frames annual gender action plan for the session (July—June) 2020-21. To increase facilities and to empower the woman by ensuring participation of woman, the following plans are framed to execute:


1.To increase facilities and amenities for safety and security of woman.


2.To make the counseling system in the college proactive and vibrant to address and sort out solutions of the problems and issues of girl students and woman employees.


3.The members of Morigaon Mahavidyalaya Mahila Manchha and Teacher-in-Charge have been empowered and entrusted with responsibility to ensure appropriate facilities of health and hygiene in the common rooms for woman and girls.


4.To set up a Day Care Centre in the campus for the children of employees.


5.To organize Awareness Programmes of gender equity and the programmes will be led by Morigaon Mahavidyalaya Mahila Manchha in coordination with IQAC.

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