Procedures for Maintaining and Utilizing Physical, Academic and Support Facilities

Every Institute has systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support Facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc. Morigaon College is no exception in this respect. It maintains the available physical, academic and support facilities in the following ways:  The College has a Construction Committee to supervise the new constructions and extensions needed from time to time and also for the overall infrastructural maintenance of the college. The committee utilizes the allotted fund as per prior approval of the Governing Body of the college.  The college has different committees which are made to look after the maintenance of garden, physical Infrastructure, Internet and Wi-Fi facility, cycle stand, canteen, parking zone, hostel facilities, maintenance of sports’ items and expansion for library facilities etc.  The maintenance of the infrastructure facilities available in each department are carried out with the support of the heads of the particular department. The HOD takes care of the physical and academic support facilities and whenever any problem arises or requirement for new facilities arises, he brings it to the notice of the Principal. The principal then resolves the issue either fixing the old equipment or providing a new one.  The Library is fully automated using Integrated Library Management System (ILMS). Book issue and return is managed by the latest version of SOUL 2.0 (Software For University Libraries) and by using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification & Detection) devices. During the last five years, these software’s Ha have been regularly updated with newer versions.

AMCs have been made with the firms who have provided the equipments for maintenance of these facilities. These firms provide assistance whenever required.  Books have regularly been procured in the library as per requirements and budget provisions. Fund expenditures have been yearly audited with Chartered Accountant firms.  Laboratories in the College are maintained by the HOD of the concerned departments. At the beginning of the academic year, requirements in the laboratories are assessed and submitted to the Principal. The principal, then procures them from registered supplier firms and supply to the concerned HODs. The HODs maintain a registrar to keep records of the laboratory equipments.  Apart from the above, the college regularly maintains Electrification and water supply system of the institution. The college appoints a full-time electrician to look after and fix the electrical problems.  It also appoints a full-time employee to maintain toilets in the campus, girls’ common room and hostels.  The college also has two full-time employees to maintain the greenery and the gardens in the campus. They look after the cleanliness of the whole campus daily.