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Department of Assamese


      BACKGROUND:  The department of Assamese under both science and arts started in July, 1964. The department started with two teachers Mr. Narendra Nath            Keot and late Satish Chandra Haloi. From 1978 onwards the commencement of honors course being regulated. At present, the following teachers are working as          assistant professor in the department – 

       Aim and Objective:  
1. To provide knowledge of Assamese language and Literature among the students of higher secondary to degree level.

2. To introduce the basic concepts about the Indian and world literature among the students.

1.      To provide knowledge of Assamese language and Literature among the students of higher secondary to degree level.

2.      To introduce the basic concepts about the Indian and world literature among the students.
1.      Higher secondary Arts and Science : 10+2
2.      BA CBCS :

           a.       1ST  Sem and 2nd Sem [1st Year]: Major , Generic , AECC

           b.       3rd Sem and 4th Sem [2nd Year]: Major , Generic ,SEC , GENERAL[MIL]

           c.         5th Sem and 6th Sem [3rd Year]: Major
3.      B COM CBCS :

           a.       1st Sem : AECC

           b.       3rd Sem : MIL

4.      Structure of Syllabus: Both new and old syllabus is running. CBCS course was introduced in 2018. 
          The department has no own syllabus. Syllabus has been operated according to the syllabus prepared 

          AHSEC and Gauhati University.

5.      Sessional exam is being conducted by the department precisely in duration of two/three months.


         Classroom Facilities:  Besides two classrooms there is a museum in the department. The classrooms are equipped with black board. Library:  There is                             library in the department. There are about 250 numbers of books in the departmental library which includes both text books and references. UGC                                   CARE listed journal OITIHYA [THE HERITAGE], SATSORI and GARIYASHI has also been subscribed by the department.

       Publication of the Department:  
1.    Satadal – annual journal published by the teachers. 
2.    Manikanchan – Wall magazine published by the students.

       Computer: A desktop is available in the department.    
Part – 2:  Strength of the students:
       Field works/Extension works of the Department:

Each year department has conducted field study. The students of TDC courses are arranged to collect information through survey scheduled method in the field. Data related to sociological and cultural materials are collected by the students through different methods including survey schedule, participant observation, direct observation, interview and case study method. The project reports prepared by the students on the basis of this field study have been collected by the department.

Part – 3: Other Works:  Group Discussion:  Group discussion is held on different topic related to syllabus by teacher.  Library works:  Major students are assigned to do library works.  

Plan of the Department:  1. Provide a short term course on Assamese DTP. 2. Provide special course on Creative Writing. 3. To organize state level literary competition regarding different genre.



The department of Assamese under both science and arts started in July, 1964. The department started with two teachers Mr. Narendra Nath Keot and late Satish Chandra Haloi. From 1978 onwards the commencement of honours course being regulated. At present, the following teachers are working as assistant professor in the department –

Aim and Objective:

1.      To provide knowledge of Assamese language and Literature among the students of higher secondary to degree level.

2.      To introduce the basic concepts about the Indian and world literature among the students.


1.      Higher secondary Arts and Science : 10+2

2.      BA CBCS :

           a.       1ST  Sem and 2nd Sem [1st Year]: Major , Generic , AECC

           b.       3rd Sem and 4th Sem [2nd Year]: Major , Generic ,SEC , GENERAL[MIL]

           c.         5TH Sem and 6th Sem [3rd Year]: Major

3.      B COM CBCS :

           a.       1ST Sem : AECC

           b.       3rd Sem : MIL

4.      Structure of Syllabus: Both new and old syllabus is running. CBCS course was introduced in 2018. 

          The department has no own syllabus. Syllabus has been operated according to the syllabus prepared  

          by AHSEC and Gauhati University.

5.      Sessional exam is being conducted by the department precisely in duration of two/three months.


Classroom Facilities:

         Besides two classrooms there is a museum in the department. The classrooms are equipped with black board.


        There is a library in the department. There are about 250 numbers of books in the departmental library which includes both text books and references.

          UGC CARE listed journal OITIHYA [THE HERITAGE], SATSORI and GARIYASHI has also been subscribed by the department.

Publication of the Department:

1.      Satadal – annual journal published by the teachers.
2.      Manikanchan – Wall magazine published by the students.

 Computer: A desktop is available in the department.

Part – 2:

Strength of the students:

Field works/Extension works of the Department:
Each year department has conducted field study. The students of TDC courses are arranged to collect information through survey scheduled method in the field. Data related to sociological and cultural materials are collected by the students through different methods including survey schedule, participant observation, direct observation, interview and case study method. The project reports prepared by the students on the basis of this field study have been collected by the department.
Part – 3: Other Works:
 Group Discussion:
Group discussion is held on different topic related to syllabus by teacher.
Library works:
Major students are assigned to do library works.
Plan of the Department:
1.      Provide a short term course on Assamese DTP.
2.      Provide special course on Creative Writing.
3.      To organize state level literary competition regarding different genre.
Department of Hindi

1.     Name of the Department : Hindi Department
2.     Year of Establishment : 1996
3.     Year of Starting of Major Course : 1999
4.     Strength of the Human Resources :

·        Till date many students have completed higher studies and engagement in different jobs.
·        Many of the students have made it to higher institutions like Kendriya Hindi Sansthan, Bharatiya Bhasha Parisad etc.
·        At present number of strength in the department as follow :
Session : 2020-21


Ø Govindo Bashumatary     :  National level football player ( Junior)


·        The department consists of a staff room and two class rooms.

·        There is a computer in the department


·        There is a library in the department with 600 numbers of books.

·        Apart from the books, we have a facilities soft copies of useful books store in departmental Desktop and previous year question papers which are very            beneficial of the students.

·        There is printer in the staff room.


·        Wall Magazine : “ASHMITA”


·        Seasional Test : One sessional test is conducted for each class per semester and records are maintained.

·        Class Test : Class test is conducted by the teachers individually.

·        Internal Assessment :  Internal assessment along with attendance, assignment and mock.


·        Group Discussion is held on topics like Bhasha Vigyan,  Kavyashastra, etc among the students of 5th semester.

·        The students of 3rd & 1st semester give seminars on their curriculam based topics.


·        We are going to introduce add on certificate course “Speaking Hindi”

·        Every year 5th semester students are taken on educational journey.

·        Hindi Day is celebrations every year by the department.


       The department of Hindi has an alumni association. Ass members cooperate in the institutional as well as departmental activities whenever it is                      necessary. The department has a interest to meet the members of the association in various cultural program in the institution and for the good                        suggestions to the new comes of the department.


·        To develop a positive outlook towards Hindi Language among the students.

·        To   familiarize  the students with the various modern trends in Hindi Literature.

·        To develop the Language Proficiency and Communication Skill of the students in Hindi Language.


·        To provide the basic and general information about Hindi Language.

·        To inculcate interest among students in the study of Hindi Literature, along with academic excellence.

Department of Education
Department of English

About the Department:
The department of English was established in 1964 along with the establishment of the college. The major course was started in 1996 and since then, the Department has been contributing a lot towards imparting education in English Literature as well as Language in the entire district of Morigaon and its neighboring areas. This department has produced many successful alumni, a few of them have pursued their masters in English, others have been pursuing their higher studies and many others have been appointed as teachers in different government as well as private schools.
The Department maintains a well stocked departmental library and has one computer with printer and active internet connectivity.
Apart from regular teaching in the department, the faculty members are involved in many research works and published their research articles in the internationally reputed Journals and conference proceedings. The major thrust areas for research are English Literature, English Language, Linguistics, theoretical Linguistics, and Folklore etc,
The department has a Alumni Association
Course offer and seats: B.A. Regular B. Sc. Regular, B Com (Regular) and BA Honours in
No. of seats in B.A. Honours:40 per semester.
Participation in Institutional Social responsibility and extension activities:
Students participated various activities like flood relief etc. The faculty members are either Conveners or members of number of cells engaged in carrying out all round activities of the college.
Other activities of the department (Field study/ Excursion etc.):
According to our university course curriculum English department does not have an excursion or field study programme except for environmental study. In spite of this, the department has organised educational tour now and then.
Exhibition/seminar/popular talk/training among students:
Department organize class seminar on regular basis among major students. Students are encouraged to participate in different workshops, popular talks, different competitive examinations and in various cultural and literary events.
Best practices of the department:
i) Enaction of Literary texts in the department.
ii) Role play of different texts in the department.
Future Plan:
i) Introduction of PG classes.
ii) To arrange special classes for competitive examinations.
iii) To organize workshops/seminars for teachers as well as students.
iv) To collaborate with other institutions for exchange research.
v) To have a well equipped computer laboratory.

To have interactive sessions with young guests.

Personal Profiles of teachers

1. Dr. Diganta Kumar Nath, Ph.D. (Tezpur University) M.Phill (CIEFL, Hyd) M.A. English (Univ. of Pune), M.A. Linguistics (Annamalai Univ)B.A(Gauhati Univ).

Associate Professor and HOD

2.Mr. Ajijur Rahman, M,Phil. M.A. (Univ. of Pune)

Assistant Professor

3. Mr. Ajit Konwar M,Phil. M.A. (Gauhati Univ).Pursuing Ph.D(Gauhati)

Assistant Professor

4. Dr. Saradashree Chaudhery Ph.D. (Tezpur University) M.Phill (Gauhati Univ) M.A. English (Tezpur University).

Assistant Professor

5. Ms. Fateha Sultana


Department of Geography
Department of History
Department of Philosophy
Department of Sociology


  1. Name of the Department : Sociology
  2. Date of Establishment :01st Aug,2018
  3. Date of starting Major Course : Nil
  4. 58Infrastructure of the Department :
  5. Numbers of the classrooms : 01
  6. Library : Nil
  7. LearningResources of the Department

Classroom facilities (digital, projector etc ) : Nil

Library with list of books-Nil

Journals- Nil

Computer facilitieswith printers: Nil

Strength of the Human Resources: 01

Teaching Staff: 01

MR.  Ujjal Deka, M.A

Contractual: 01

Non-teaching staff: Nil

Publications of the Department (Wall Megazine): Nil



Seasional Test : One sessional test is conducted for each class per semester and records are maintained.
Class Test : Class test is conducted by the teachers individually.
Internal Assessment :  Internal assessment along with attendance, assignments.
Department of Political Science