There is a Women Cell in ACTA and college has two representatives as per rule of ACTA All the women teachers of the college are members of the cell. 

The women forum of Morigaon College was established on 29th November 2005 by the lady teachers of the college, to work for the advancement of the girl students and women of the Morigaon district. The broad objectives of the Morigaon Mahavidylaya Mahila Mancha (MMMM) are:- 

1. To work for the overall development of the girl students of the college in particular and other students in general. 

2. To work for the empowerment and betterment of the women of the society. Since its inception, in last twelve years, MMMM has conducted different activities related to women in particular and students in general. 

1. Activities Related to Health: The members of the forum has visited different villages of Morigaon district and organized awareness campus and counseling for women. Till date, MMMM is conducting such programme on Health and Hygiene, Nutritional Status of Women, Women related diseases, Mental Health of Women by inviting Resource Persons from Morigaon Civil Hospital and Narayana Hospital, Guwahati. 

2. Fight against Use of Tobacco: This is another sector, in which MMMM is working constantly. Hoardings with Anti-Tobacco Slogan are displayed within the college premises and time to time, they visits and appealed the shopkeeper not to sell any substance of tobacco with 1 km of the college area. ENT specialists are invited to aware the students about the dangerous effect of use of tobacco.  

3. Programme related to Crime against Women: By considering the increasing incidents of crime against women, precise of child marriage in the locality, advocate of Morigaon Law Bar was invited to speak on such topics  Vulnerability, impact and action.  

Besides, MMMM is observing World Environment Day, Children Day, AIDS Day, No Tobacco Day, etc. in different institutions.  

Publications of MMMM: 1. Srutoswine Bilingual, Bi-Annual Journal. 2.Sankhadhwani, A Wall Magazine is published regularly.